Tickets and Venue
Online Festival: Pohled/Pohľad

To access films from our online festival selection, sessions can be purchased and viewed on-demand in ACMI Cinema 3 (link to be provided)

•    Individual film: $5 (includes access to short films).
•    Festival bundle: $20 – watch all 5 CaSFFA 2021 feature films

*7 day rental, 48 hour playback window. Once rented, your films will be available in your account for 7 days. Once you press play, the watch window begins and you have 48 hours to watch the film as many times as you like.

The Painted Bird - CaSFFA & JIFF Co-presentation

Postponed – coming to Classic Cinemas in Feb/Mar 2022.
Cinematheque – TBC


All CaSFFA venues are wheelchair-accessible. All films with dialogue will be screened with English subtitles.


Films are restricted to ages 18 plus, 15 plus, or are unrestricted (open to all ages), per their ratings in this program. Note that M and PG are official Classification Board ratings, with films rated M not recommended for people below 15, although no legal restrictions apply, and films rated PG also having no legal restrictions, although parents are encouraged to make a judgment call.